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Music CD Copyright Information

For an audio CD there are two potential copyright issues.

1. Do you have the rights to record a copyrighted song (mechanical licenses)?   (This is if you and your band are "covering" a song written by others.)

2. Are you using an existing sound recording (Reproduction Rights)? (This is if you are distributing a song recorded by someone else.)

Mechanical License
The first issue is are you duplicating copyrighted music.  This is music and lyrics that others have written, but you recorded.  This type of licensing is fast and easy to obtain.  Click on the following link (Harry Fox Agency) for additional information and online licensing.

Reproduction Rights
The second case is you are using a recording of an actual performance of another.   This licensing must be negotiated directly with the copyrighted owner.  This can be easy or hard depending on who owns the copyright.  A good place to start this research is EMI Music Publishing
and BMG

You are responsible for obtaining all of the necessary licenses, and providing us with the documentation of these licensing, before we begin the production of your music CD.

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