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DVD Replication Printing Templates

Your artwork needs to match one of the two standard DVD layouts shown below.

Standard Printing Area
DVD Label Template
Maximum Printing Area
DVD Label Template
dvd replication printing dvd replication printing template extended
Download this Template as an Adobe Illustrator File:  standard_dvd(ai).zip Download this Template as an Adobe Illustrator File:  maximum_print_area_dvd(ai).zip
Download this Template as an
EPS File:  standard_dvd(eps).zip
Download this Template as an EPS File:  maximum_print_area_dvd(eps).zip

Check with customer service before you send your artwork to insure the template that you have selected is appropriate for your project.

You supply your disc artwork as an electronic file set to one of our standard templates.  Our preferred file formats for artwork are: Adobe CS3 or lower versions of Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and EPS file.  A high resolution tif file can also be used for CMYK art.  Generally we can accept all of the professional grade page layout and design programs on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.  Fonts should be converted to outlines whenever possible.

Art must be set up as either CMYK color or Spot Pantone colors.  RGB color is not appropriate for printing.  RGB colors will be converted to CMYK and may cause unexpected color shifts.

Need to send us an art file?  Use our file upload utility

Tips for creating your artwork to print on the disc.

The surface of the disc is silver not white.  Many people use the silver surface in their design.  Others will print a solid color for the background and then design their art to print on top of this background color.

We strongly recommend that you use type no smaller than 6 pts.  For type to be legible, the color of the type must contrast with the background.  Type of a solid color is easier to read than type that is a blend of colors.

For CMYK images we strongly recommend offset printing over a white background.  Images with screens, blends, and halftones generally look best when printed using the standard silk screen printing process.

Images with large areas of solid PMS colors look best when silk screen printed.

Contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions (ph: 916 789-9929, e-mail: ).