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DVD Authoring and Mastering

All masters must be ready for production.  We copy the masters "as is".  We assume that you have tested the data, video quality, sound quality, menus, and software functionality.

Simply copying files to a DLT Tape or a DVD-R disc is not the same as mastering a discs.  Common mastering software includes: DVD Studio Pro(Apple), Sonic DVD Creator, Sonic DVD Fusion, Sonic Scenarist, Sonic Reel DVD.

Do not send the only copy of your master! Keep an identical backup.  Business Replication is not responsible for damage or loss to a master in transit, or data corruption discovered during the glass mastering process.

What do I supply as a DVD Master?

The media accepted for a DVD-5 is different from the media accepted for a DVD-9.

Media Accepted for DVD-5 Masters

DVD-5 are single layer discs.  The capacity of a DVD-5 is 4.7 GB.  DVD-5s can be DVD-ROMs or DVD Video. 

For DVD-5 replication we accept a DVD-R disc, DVD+R disc, or a DLT tape.  With proof of copyright authorization, we can also accept an unencrypted DVD replica.

The advantage of DVD-R media is that you can create a one-off proof.  Many clients create a DVD-R master and make copies of the master.  Then the DVD-R copies are passed around for proofing and testing.  Once approved, the master is sent to us for replication.

DLT tapes must contain DDP Images in order to be used. We are not capable of processing RAW data copied directly onto the DLT tape. It is recommended that the author tests the DDP image prior to submitting it as a master, since it cannot be "viewed" in the DDP format to tests its playability

Recordable formats such as DVD-RW and DVD+RW are not acceptable formats for use as DVD master.

Media Accepted for DVD-9 Masters

DVD-9s are dual layer discs.  The capacity of a DVD-9 is 8.5 GB.

For DVD-9 replication we accept the following formats as masters:

  • Two DLT tapes.  Each layer must be on a separate DLT tape.  One tape is a DDP image of layer 0.  The second tape is a DDP image of layer 1.
  • Two DVD-R discs.  Each disc must contain a single DDP image layer. 
  • DVD+R DL (dual layer disc) fully authored and pre-mastered with correct layer break.  Generally, newer professional quality DVD authoring software will create this master without any problem.  Write to master at lowest burn speed possible.  Generally this is 1X speed.
  • With proof of copyright authorization, an unencrypted DVD-9 replica.

Re-writable formats such as DVD-RW and DVD+RW are not acceptable formats for use as a DVD master.

DVD Disc Encryption
To make the DVDs more difficult to copy, many long run DVD Videos are encrypted.  The two major encryption schemes are CSS encryption and Macrovision.  We do not offer Macrovision encryption.

CSS Encryption
CSS Encryption (Content Scrambling System) is intended to prevent the digital copying of video files directly from the DVD disc.  This encryption scheme will prevent the casual user from copying a DVD on their computer.  Like all encryption schemes this method is not perfect.  Software is readily available to allow a hacker or pirate to copy an encrypted disc.

DLT tapes are the only media accept if your project needs CSS encryption.  Although you can supply a DLT already CSS encrypted, in most cases you will supply the DLT tape not encrypted.  We will then add the encryption during our glass mastering process.  Additional mastering fees apply for CSS encryption.

Anti Piracy Compliance Program
Business Replication and Print, Inc. respects and supports the copyrights of others. We require written documentation that you have the legal rights to replicated the information on your DVD project.  Completion of the Intellectual Property Rights Form, and Indemnification Letter is required for all projects.  Some projects may require additional documentation.

Content Standards
Business Replication and Print does not replicate or print any "Adult Content" or offensive material.  Material determined to be "adult content" or "offensive" by the management of Business Replication and Print will be returned to the customer.

Please contact us if we may be of any assistance ( or use the DVD Replication estimate form for specific pricing information.

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