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Creating your CD Master

It is very important the you carefully test your pre-mastered CD-R that you supply.  We will match your master exactly, literally bit for bit.  If your master has an error, so will your replicated CD or duplicated CD-R.

In most cases the master will be supplied on CD-R media.  We can also accept CD+R media or a previously replicated CD.  The previously replicated CD can not have any encryption.  Proof of ownership or the rights to produce the disc content is required.

CD Audio and CD-ROM masters must be created as a "Single Session Closed Disc".  These settings are controlled in your CD mastering / authoring software.  Generally this requires selecting "single session" or "not appendable".  Select "mode 1" which is the standard mode for an CD Audio or CD-ROM disc.

XA or "Mixed Mode CD" masters must also be created as a "Single Session Closed Disc".  Select "mode 2" which is the format that allows the CD to play like a CD Audio disc but also has content that can be accessed when viewed on a computer.  The mode 2 disc format is rarely used. 

Re-writable formats such as CD-RW and CD+RW are not acceptable as masters for CD replication or CD-R duplication projects.

Once you have created your CD-R master, send the disc to us via overnight letter or other method.

Anti Piracy Compliance Program
Business Replication and Print, Inc. respects and supports the copyrights of others. We require written documentation that you have the legal rights to replicated the information on your DVD project.  Completion of the Intellectual Property Rights Form, and Indemnification Letter is required for all projects.  Some projects may require additional documentation.

Content Standards
Business Replication and Print does not replicate or print any "Adult Content" or offensive material.  Material determined to be "adult content" or "offensive" by the management of Business Replication and Print will be returned to the customer.

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