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CD-R / DVD-R  Digital Printing

For digital printing directly to the surface of CD-R or DVD-R media use the template below.

Keep critical elements away from the inner and outer edge by at least 2 mm.

dvd-r digital printing template

Down load this template as an Illustrator CS3 file:  cdr_dvdr_digital_print_template (CS3).ai

Download this file as an EPS file:  cdr_dvdr_digital_print_template.eps

Download this file as a PDF file:  cdr_dvdr_digital_print_template.pdf

Check with customer service before you send your artwork to insure the template that you have selected is appropriate for your project.  You may use the "Upload a File" button below to send us your disc artwork.

Contact our customer service representatives if you have any questions (ph: 916 789-9929, e-mail: ).